What should I wear for my corrective exercise assessment or training session? Please wear clothing that allows you to move freely and is not overly baggy. I need to clearly see your joints.

I have a newborn and I don’t see how I can leave home for an assessment or training session. I am happy to come to your home if you live within the greater Sandpoint area. There is no additional fee for me to come to your home.

I have a new baby and a bunch of kids and my house is a mess. You have nothing I haven’t seen before! I have five children of my own and I understand how quickly children can generate a mess. As long as we have a bit of floor space (and I don’t mind quickly moving toys) we are set.

My baby needs to feed frequently, doesn’t sleep for long stretches, needs to be held a lot, etc. I understand. I’ve had velcro babies myself. We’ll get done as much as we can, working around your baby’s needs.

I don’t have time to exercise, even though I know I need it. I can design a corrective exercise program that can be done in as little as fifteen minutes per day. And it doesn’t have to be done all at once.

I think I could benefit from corrective exercise but I’ve never been pregnant. I am certified in assessing and designing corrective exercise programs for all adults, not just pregnant and post-partum women. Shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, and/or back issues can all be helped with corrective exercise I have extra training and certification for pregnancy and post-partum but that is not all that I do.

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